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What is SIENHA?

SIENHA is a European research project carried out by different universities whose aim is to support healthy ageing among European countries through the competence development of social and health care professionals, in order to:


Increase understanding on healthy ageing as a lifetime process requiring increased attention at all phases of life (from childhood to old age).

Transform understanding and support continuous development of competences of students, teachers and professionals to foster healthy ageing across Europe.

Support the exchange of knowledge across Europe to learn from the best practices in higher education to develop healthy ageing.

Increase citizens’ knowledge and individuals’ involvement in supporting personal health and healthy ageing.


The demographic transition of ageing influences currently all European societies, changing the health status of the population. The European social and health systems and education are inadequately anticipating these challenges, as they cannot react fast enough to provide prevention and adequate promotion of health: health care is often provided by various specialists, service lacking alignment and integration, leading to increasing costs and lower accessibility of health care.

There is an urgent need to address challenges related to the governance of ageing societies, which calls for deliberate and foresighted innovation of educational, social and health care environments that equip and prepare its professionals with capacities focusing on prevention, health and wellbeing using evidence-based practices.