SIENHA is presented at the 12th Symposium of Health Sciences

On September 18th, a team from Heimerer College comprised of Mariel Leclere PhD and Endrit Nimani RN, gave an overview presentation of the SIENHA project at the 12th Symposium of Health Sciences. An annual event which is organized by the Heimerer College, in cooperation with the Institute of Southeast Europe for Health and Social Policy.

This year, the topic of the symposium was “Impact and lessons taken from the COVID-19 crisis in the field of health sciences”. The aim of this conference was to contribute to the understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on health sciences, and the possible ways in which the disease can be controlled and contained.

Although the main topic in this conference was COVID-19 pandemic, specific sessions on overarching topics took place as well. One of the relevant sessions was “Healthy Ageing”. On this session, the SIENHA team presented the core team members from each partner, the project partners, the aim and the main goals of the SIENHA project, its objectives and levels of impact, the target groups, the intellectual outputs, the key events, the key deliverables and the contributions.

Given that this symposium brought together public health officials, researchers, and physicians to share COVID-19 information, discoveries, and stories, it was an excellent opportunity to disseminate the SIENHA project. Together, the SIENHA team endeavored to increase knowledge, foster education, and positively impact their response to this pandemic.