The Sienha project, presented in the event ENPHE and the Portuguese Physiotherapy Association National Congress

During the last quarter, the scientific team of the Sienha project has made several advances.

In October, the team defended a poster on the overall status of the project, highlighting the main strategies and outputs at the online Conference European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) from Sweden.

The content of this contribution deals with the health challenges related to the aging of the population which Europe is facing. The Sienha team members ensure that this situation will force a change in social and health measures and policies in its member states. The Healthy Aging paradigm requires innovation in educational, social and health environments and the preparation of its professionals, namely Physiotherapists, to work with a focus on promoting health and well-being throughout the life cycle. That’s why it is essential to promote higher education in the European space through the development of skills of students, health and social service professionals. 

For that reason, the team has been working on a multilateral academic cooperation project, lasting 36 months, with the participation of seven Higher Education Institutions, financed by the ERASMUS+ program, consisting of the following intellectual products: identification of a framework of professional competences in HA; development of a curriculum in higher education; development of an innovation and research toolkit in HA. For the duration of the project is planned the creation of an educational curriculum, centered on healthy aging throughout the lifespan, aimed at the partner Higher Education Institutions and to the broader educational community with a free and Open Access.

The content developed can be adapted to various levels of education to ensure sustainability and impact. Its long-term objective is the development of a joint master’s degree by the partner Higher Education Institutions.

Apart from that, the team has also presented a poster on the Portuguese Physiotherapy Association National Congress, an event that took place on Portugal on November 5 and 6.